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Colour Bomb Hair Dye

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Colour Bomb is a semi permanent hair dye that is easily applied in under 5 minutes and is 100% vegan friendly, does not contain ammonia or peroxide and is paraben free. The 250ml bottle comes complete with a pump to make application easy.

This is a dynamic creme conditioner which adds shine, moisture and tone to your existing hair shade which gradually washes out and can be used as often as you like to refresh your hair style.

  • The way to use Colour Bomb varies depending on the specific needs of each customer, enabling different creations to be made each time. Refresh and revive dull tones, add undertones, correct or neutralise unwanted reflexes and create a wealth of colours from customised blends for every occasion
  • Apply the chosen Colour Bomb directly on dry or damp hair for a vibrant colour that is shiny and full of life.
  • Spread 8 to 10 pumps of crème with a comb or fingers.  
  • Apply conditioning crème generously to the desired area for even results.
  • Each 250ml bottle contains approximately 10 applications.
  • IMPORTANT  - Always skin test before first application - Instructions; dab small amount of product behind the ear lob and wait 24 hours in case of allergic reaction. If the skin becomes irritant during the 24 hour period consult a Doctor before use. If you want to know more please Contact relevent local office (see Contact Us section on this Website)

PLEASE NOTE: If your hair has been bleached / Highlighted  - the more vibrant Colours may remain in your hair for a longer period of time.